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Vex is a Handicapped dog living on the streets of Romania: can you donate anything to help him get medical care?

Please Help Vex get the Medical Care he needs! He is a Handicapped Dog, and has been living on the Streets of Romania like this since 2010! He’s now at Praxis Vet in Bucharest, Romania! He needs Fundraising for his Medical Care, and also a Wheelchair! Please Help him! Thank you! Vex’s CHIP IN LINK: Update from Criss Anca regarding Vex (4/1/12): I just came home…Me and Maria Tudor went to Oltenita and took Vex to the vet in Bucharest. He is now in care of Dr Stefan at Praxis Vet ! I am trying to upload the photos and videos, it will take a while. The dog’s back legs are in very bad conditions…but the vet will clean them…. The problem is …he will need a cart …he will not be able to walk…He was living since 200 by crawling :((( Vex is now at Praxis Vet in Bucharest, Romania! Update (3/30/12): Maria Tudor will try to find this boy tomorrow, and bring him to a Vet Clinic in Bucharest, Romania * Maria Tudor’s FB Page: is the man who’s been feeding “Vex” on the Streets of Romania, and built him a little Shelter during Winter Time! * BD Liviu:******************* There are 2 People who are Inquiring about Adopting Vex! They are both in Western Europe! Here are their names below! 1. Fiona Flynn (she lives in Ireland): 2. Tricia Clemens (she lives in Wales, UK), and runs an Animal Rescue Sanctuary there on 12 Acres of Land: Tricia Clemens Message regarding this Handicapped Dog, “Vex”: Not sure if my offer has got through. We are in Wales, UK and have a sanctuary in the country with 12 acres. We help mainly old, sick, terminally ill or disabled animals though also help any animal who needs help. We are entirely voluntary so cannot afford transport but if this can be arranged then we can offer this dog a safe, forever home living en famille as our permanent dogs do. any queries by all means ask and check us on our web site Also seek references via Facebook. 26 years in rescue. I forgot to mention in my offer that, although we can’t do the transportation we will certainly arrange and pay for neutering if he comes to us. Can you possibly let us know what is happening? Having offered him a home I am keeping a space for him but if he is not coming then I will offer it to another dog. Would be so happy to help. ********************** Here is the ANimal Rescue Organization, who first posted “Vex’s” Pics on Facebook. Please note that poor Vex is still living on the Streets like this! * Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor Robi:

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Steven Watson Sperm Whale

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