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Message from CATCA on the Canadian Seal Hunt

Dear all,

I have some important news to share with you all:

Canadian commercial seal hunt

Our blood thirsty Canadian Federal Government and the DFO does it again:
Now they want an annual quota of 400,000 Harp seals for 2012!

They totally don’t have to struggle much to be completely deaf and blind to all
the facts of scientific reports and data, stating that the harp seal
populations are vulnerable due to high mortality rates caused by global
warming, with poor ice conditions threatening the survival of the baby seals.

Our government is also totally ignoring the fact that there is not market at
the EU and in several other countries worldwide.

The EU ban on the import trade of seal products that was implemented in August
20th 2010, has been literally killing the market and the commercial seal hunt
even before it came in effect, making this the only effective action that has
ever threatened to end the infamous and brutal Canadian commercial harp seal

But then why the DFO’s Gods claim more innocent baby seal blood?

They do it because they want to show the world that they can still kill baby
seals, even if there is not a real market nor they make any profit, just to
waste as usual our own tax payers money in sponsoring sadistic fishermen (that
make less than 1% of their annual income of profit) in this barbaric commercial
seal hunt.

It is simple and plain: Canada doesn’t care at all for conservation of seals or
any other wildlife.

They also do it because they are desperate as all their international seal
market doors are slamming on their face now.

Last year they had the same quota and they claimed that they caught around
70,000 harp seals -some say 38,000-( and we wonder how they did that as there
were barely any boats on the ice, with about 225 sealers in the commercial seal
hunt of 2011 according to some observers).

2011 was a bad year for the fishermen at “The Front”, because there were
several reports of freshly cut seal skins dumped upon arrival in garbish
containers in New Foundland, more than in other prior years.


So what is the point of just killing our beautiful seals for nothing?
It doesn’t make sense at all.

But it is just a matter of time, as the DFO and our Federal government will not
be able to keep on doing this senseless killing of our Canadian seals much
if there are not markets for the pelts and other seal derivates.

The only thing that we know for sure, is that the end of this horrific
slaughter is near, and no matter how much the DFO tries, they can’t keep doing
this unsustainable, non for profit, wasteful and beyond any civilized common
sense killing of the seals just because they don’t like them.

Hopefuly it will be sooner than later, so no more blood of the innocent baby
seals will be spilled to please the DFO never ending blood thirsty gods.

International Campaign to help Yupi

In other news, please sign and share our petition online for Yupi.
We need to get 100,000 signature (or hopefuly more) by the end of this month.

These signatures will be printed and sent out to the Director of the zoo.

For more info on this campaign pls. check our webpages:

Thank you!

Ericka Ceballos
Coordinator of the International Campaign to Save Yupi
International Save Yupi Coalition
Campaigns Against the Cruelty to Animals CATCA

Ericka Ceballos, CATCA


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