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Last Day of the Governance of Nonhuman Animals at the University

This event is part of the thematic series Bringing the Collective Together: Nonhuman Animals, Humans and Practice at the University. See below for overview:

How are nonhuman animals seen and used by humans at the university? What is the history and the ethics of this practice? How should a democratic society deliberate about the use of animals at a university? How does the prevailing mode of regulation relate to the value of practical wisdom? How might animal voices best be heard and attended to by a democratic public? This series initiates meaningful interdisciplinary, scholarly deliberation about the use of nonhuman animals in university teaching and research. It brings together scholars from the humanities, social sciences and sciences who otherwise have scant occasion to interact. It creates opportunity to compare Canadian regulation to that in other jurisdictions; explores the ethics of the use of life, including by invoking diverse cultural standpoints; examines who benefits from animal research; and interrogates the juridical and political governance of nonhuman animals in a democratic society.

Link to this series on Green College site:

Video of our previous events:

Event A: Ethics of Life, Use and Care

Event B: Who Benefits from Animal Research?

Event C1: Governance of Nonhuman Animals at the University in a Democratic Society (Part 1)


Speakers and Topics:

Maneesha Deckha – Law, University of Victoria
–A feminist relational legal perspective on the use of animals in research

Max Cameron – Political Science, UBC
–Why animals deserve moral consideration; how their perspectives might be included in institutional governance of their lives

Kenneth Sharpe – Political Science, Swarthmore College
–How institutions that govern animals in research might better address all goods and interests at stake

Michael Burgess – Chair in Biomedical Ethics, UBC
–How democratic deliberation can channel deep disagreement among reasonable people toward well-considered policy decisions


Michael McDonald, Inaugural Maurice Young Chair of Applied Ethics, UBC


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