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Toronto: Freezing Pigs Transported Despite Extreme Cold Weather Alert on Jan 3, 2012

Check out new video “Freezing pigs transported despite Extreme Cold Weather Alert on Jan 3 ’12” — we only got a little video footage from one of the three trucks we saw that morning, but the glimpses give you a sense of how gruesome the journey was for the pigs. The discoloration on their bodies is extreme and the truckload of pigs was completely silent and their stares showed incomprehension of their suffering at the hands of humans. It’d be good to call or write another letter to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA’s Toronto office is 416-665-5055 or you can post a letter here: ). On Tues., Jan 3, 2012, the City of Toronto issued an Extreme Cold Weather Alert. Let’s ask the CFIA to ban transport in extreme weather and enforce it. This video shows all the added “unnecessary” suffering the pigs MUST endure as they are unloaded with intensive use of the electric prod…. The trucker saw us there, I imagine, but there was no pretense when he was poking with his electric prod into the truck and then climbed into the trailer with an electric prod only–leaving the rattle paddle behind. We must speak out against this. Our only regret is we should have ‘trespassed’ that cold day to oppose the violent method of unloading and took footage of the frost-bitten and hypothermic pigs who can hardly move after enduring temperatures that felt like -30 to -40 degrees Celsius on the highway for hours and then having to face the electric prod and the piteous screaming — which makes all of them suffer more! Thanks for your support.

The City of Toronto issued an Extreme Cold Weather Alert for Tuesday, January 3, 2012. Toronto Pig Save (TPS) decided to bear witness on Lakeshore and Strachan from 7:309:30 am, though we didn’t last the last 20 minutes. We saw three trucks go by… we usually see 10-12 at this time in the early morning. But there shouldn’t have been any transport trucks at all on such a cold day.

It was -12 but it felt like -18 and -20 and you can imagine how much colder travelling on the highway at 80-100 km/hr – it would feel more like between -30 and -40 for the pigs. The pigs were completely silent and looked spooked in the glimpses we caught of them.

TPS has information sheets to systematically document any possible violations of animal cruelty laws and codes you witness. The information sheets are posted on our website here:
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