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Please Contact Vernon City Councillors and ask them to put a ban on Traps

Sorry to say that cowards of the Enderby City Council voted against banning of traps in the city area.  Please feel free to give them a ring or drop a line and let them know how you feel about that.

Now a lady whom we will call Raven Lady is on to the next district: Vernon, B.C.  She has been handing out literature for weeks all through the Vernon area trying to bring attention to trapping and she has found there is interest and concern. According to her, Fur Bearer Defenders is giving her some assistance with information on how to proceed.

She will be having a council meeting soon to show her case and has received positive feedback from her last presentation on how cruel trapping is.  Let’s give Raven Lady a little hand by phoning and emailing the Vernon City Councillors and let them know this decision would be supported for the following reasons:

– They are excruciatingly, unbearably painful, the animals are terrified and in some areas the trappers don’t have to check traps for 2 weeks, by law.
–  In the mean time they die agonizingly slow deaths or chew their own legs off to get out.
– There was a woman who found her dog caught in a snare trap and held him while he died in it.  This happened in Enderby last year.  Pets as well as wildlife get caught in these painful traps.  Not only are traps cruel, but unsafe for domesticated pets and children.
– If the ban does not take place we will be contacting the media and encouraging a boycotting of Tourism in the area and of local businesses.
– Please ask them to educate themselves on the real horrors of trapping at the following site:

Please Contact the Vernon City Councillors and politely voice your concern for the animals by asking that a ban be placed on the use of traps in the area.


Thank you,

VARC Members


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5 Responses

  1. Thank you Juliette for your support with the “Smart Meters”, along with Bob Spiers. Hydro will certainly protect their own investments, so therefore would not get a straight answer. The answer lies with the people of Vernon. B.C.Hydro is a public utility , the answer is with the public. Thank you again for that support . It’s for our children and grandchildren and future generations to uphold our Democracy for choice. 1.8 million people are against the smart meter in B.C. That should answer all the questions.

  2. Me says:

    Any news about Vernon yet? Did Lady Raven held her presentation yet?

  3. In October 2011 a dog died horrifically in a trap in Oregon. Please Watch. No graphic Content. Please add this to your letters. Thank you.

  4. […] Please Contact Vernon City Councillors and ask them to put a ban … AKPC_IDS += "4917,";Popularity: unranked In category: Local BlogsTags:action , archives , media , […]

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