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Sample Letter for Banning Traps in Enderby

Dear Mayor and City Councillors of Enderby

I am writing to ask that you please ban the use of all types of  Body Gripping Lethal Traps in Enderby.   These traps are extremely barbaric and inhumane. Even the inventor of the Conibear trap admits that it is not a humane trap. It slowly crushes an animal to death and depending on how the animal enters the trap, it could take days or weeks to die.  Sometimes the animal will even chew it’s limb off to escape.

Last year in Enderby one dog died in her owner’s arms after being caught in a trap. Other  communities have banned traps because of it’s inherent cruelty.  I hope you will follow suit in banning these barbaric and outdated traps.  Please find out more about trapping on this website:

I urge you to do the right thing and ban these traps in Enderby. You will set a precedent that other cities may follow. I think this will be a remarkable achievement for 2012.

I wish you a safe, healthy and compassionate holiday season and new year.



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