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Urgent: Call Enderby City Councillors Asking Them to Ban Leg Hold Traps

Please contact City Councillors of Enderby, BC  politely asking them to support a bylaw which would ban all Body Gripping Lethal Traps!

Tomorrow December 19th at 4:30 pm there will be a City Council meeting in Enderby, B.C.  Please help to support a fellow activist who will be there in person to ask for the removal of all Body Gripping Deadly Traps within Enderby town limits.  Currently there are no bylaws prohibiting or restricting the use of any or all Body Gripping Deadly Traps.  Ask city council to create a by law banning the use and laying of traps within city limits.  According to this activist, the councillors are currently making recommendations against the recommended by law.  Recently there was an article published in the Vernon Morning Star.    We can help move this forward with our concerns.

The activist whom we shall call Raven Lady has found out that there are many traps set through out the Shuswap and Okanagan area from Grindrod, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Sicamous and down throughout the Okanagan and that they are of the worst kinds: cruel leg hold, Conibear and Snare Traps.  Lady made a presentation to city council several weeks ago to educate them on the use of traps and in response a man who has traps set up all over the area has written to the City Councillors encouraging their use.  Please help us make a stand against these outdated measures.

Writing and Speaking Points:

  • Please support a ban of all Body Gripping Lethal Traps in Enderby.
  • They are excruciatingly, unbearably painful, the animals are terrified and in some areas the trappers don’t have to check traps for 2 weeks, by law.
  • In the mean time they die agonizingly slow deaths or chew their own legs off to get out.
  • There was a woman who found her dog caught in a snare trap and held him while he died in it.  This happened in Enderby last year.  Pets as well as wildlife get caught in these painful traps.  Not only are traps cruel, but unsafe for domesticated pets and children.
  • If the ban does not take place we will be contacting the media and encouraging a boycotting of Tourism in the area and of local businesses.
  • Please find out more and educate yourself on the real horrors of trapping at the following site:
Contact Info Has Been Updated!
Mayor Howie Cyr

Home: 250-838-0082
Mobile: 250-517-0244

Councillor Tundra Baird
Home: 250-838-0882

Councillor Brad Case
Home: 250-838-9525
Work: 250-838-2262

Councillor Raquel Knust
Home: 250-838-6730

Councillor Beryl Ludwig
Home: 250-838-2361

Councillor Greg McCune
Home: 250-838-9874
Mobile: 250-550-5930

Councillor Earl Shipmaker
Home: 250-838-6167
Work: 250-838-2262

More Info:

According to Raven Lady “because the fur trade is such a lucrative market anybody can set any traps anywhere, unless there is a specific bylaw created by city council to ban it’s use.”  Also according to Raven Lady, Fur Bearer Defenders advised that we can only ask for a ban within city limits,  not in a rural area. Lady also said that trappers will do so in the  winter so they can follow the blood trail.   Animals caught die long, slow painful deaths of being crushed to death, starvation, dehydration and they will even chew their own limbs off to escape.  As many of us know trapping is used mainly for fur which is often sent to Asia: Korea, China, Tibet but is still used in Canada for trim.   Trapping animals is bloody, messy and excruciatingly painful.  Please help us by emailing or calling the Enderby City Councillors.

Normally we would not encourage calling home numbers, but since they are listed on the main site and because often in small towns it’s the only way to get a hold of them, we are encouraging this.  Please be polite and respectful and ask for mercy for the animals and ask them to learn more about this cruel industry and ban the use of these Body Gripping Lethal Traps.

For more information please go to the Fur Defenders Website:

Article in Vernon Morning Star:;id=6944 for full list of contact info

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8 Responses

  1. In October 2011 a dog died horrifically in a trap in Oregon. Please Watch. No graphic Content. Please add this to your letters. Thank you.

  2. Anita Utas says:

    Excellent, thanks for updating the contact list. I’ll resend my email. I wish you success with this very important cause!

  3. Thank you Anita! We have updated the contact info! Appreciate your help very much!

  4. Anita Utas says:

    I will send an email to your Mayor and councillors today. This must be stopped. These traps are barbaric. In Ottawa, the same thing is happening. It is time to bring an end to the suffering of animals. I wish you the best of luck, and bless you for taking this on!

    • Thank you so much Anita! Your support and love for animals is sincerely appreciated!

      • Anita Utas says:

        We’re fighting to have a humane Wildlife Strategy implemented in Ottawa, instead of the trapping and poisoning and bludgeoning that has been going on for so long. I wrote a letter to the Enderby mayor Dee Wejr and councillors, but Wejr isn’t the mayor any longer and three councillor emails bounced back. Do you have an updated contact list for them? And do you know who the mayor is now? Thanks!

      • Anita Utas says:

        The new mayor since November this year is Howie Cyr, who used to be a councillor under Wejr. I’ll look for his contact info and post it if I can. 🙂

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