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Sign Petition to End Horse Slaughter in Canada

Please Sign this Petition. The Petition will be sent to the Canadian Government and is asking to end Horse Slaughter in Canada.

THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT: Pass Bill C-322 and End Horse slaughter in Canada
Horses from Canada and the US are enduring incredible suffering as you read this. They are being packed into trucks and hauled,sometimes very long distances to one of 4 federally run slaughter plants in Canada, designed for killing cattle, not horses. They are often gravely injured, at times even dead upon arrival, and due to their flight nature, the suffering and terror continues for these poor souls up until the very end which is all too frequently prolonged and so dangerous that even inspectors do not want to be present for fear of injury.Horses are extremely sensitive animals, are aware of danger and in a state of panic they thrash about so violently that a clean kill is practically impossible. There is overwhelming evidence in the form of both video and witness accounts to verify that horse slaughter is indeed cruel and inhumane. Horses are not food animals,however many people are under the misconception that slaughtering horses is no different than slaughtering cattle and pigs. The treatment and slaughtering of food animals is definitely in need of reform and changes as well, but the cruelty and suffering does not compare to what horses endure–these are animals that have shared their lives with people. They are companion animals, working, entertainment and wild horses–Yes wild horses–something our country should treasure and be proud of, but instead our government is sponsoring round ups of these magnificent creatures and dooming them to an imprisoned and torturous end! The horses waiting in slaughter stockyards, often in horrendous conditions are of all breeds and ages, from the very young, the pregnant, the old–even ponies,donkeys and burros. Also, most domestic horses have medication in their bloodstream that is banned in animals slaughtered for food–this is not being monitored because if it was most of these horses would not be approved for slaughter. This is Canada’s dirty little secret – and the Conservative government seems quite happy to keep it that way.They are not listening!! We want to let our Government know that Canadians care about our horses –this country was built on their backs and it is an outrage to mistreat them like this–they deserve so much better. Please sign and urge the Canadian Government to end horse slaughter and adopt bill C-322.




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2 Responses

  1. Mimi says:

    Morning All. To the ones who rely care for Horses & Anumals stop the Slutring of them! There meat is no good God had said you must not drink blood! Please you all who cares please don’t eat it there Gods Creatchers there even his Pets. Mimi

  2. […] endure–these are animals that have shared their lives with … … Read the rest here: Sign Petition to End Horse Slaughter in Canada « Vancouver … ← BLM reports on wild horse […]

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