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Attention Canada…Help The Beavers…Please Call

Urgent request!

There are beavers living in the pond in our neighbourhood, in Stittsville, and they will be snared (snagged underwater in wires and drowned) any day now, by the City. Beavers are no threat to children or pets. They help keep waterways free of pollutants. The trees around the pond can be protected with wire netting around the trunks. There is no need to kill these gentle, intelligent animals. They mate for life, and they are a national icon. Please flood Councillor Qadri‘s office tomorrow with calls to protest the snaring of the beaver at the Paul Lindsay Park pond in Stittsville. His number is 613-580-2476. Write it down! Call!

The beaver will love you for trying to help save their lives.


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4 Responses

  1. Sohail says:

    What is the source of this Article?

    • Hi Sohail, thank you for your question. This was brought to VARC’s attention by a fellow activist. It has not been posted anywhere else. If we receive more information about the source I will post it for you. Are you uncertain of it’s authenticity?

  2. I belong to a group,, which is in Burnaby, BC. They have proven “beaver-deceiver” system which protects the beavers and the water system. Please contact them on that website and they will be very happy to tell you how humans AND animals can live happily ever after!

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Steven Watson Sperm Whale

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