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Please help by writing Sample Letters to Halt a Bullfight Return in Algeria

Dear Mr. President, Ministers and Local Authorities,

It came to my knowledge that the City Hall of Oran intends to reopen its bullring in December with a bullfight.

Claims have been made that this will boost the tourism in the city.

Bullfights in Spain, France and Portugal, however, have been more and more contested and tourists avoid visiting these countries due to that fact. Indeed.the popularity of the bullfights in these countries is decreasing year after year as tourists decide to spend their money in countries that don’t allow such cruelty against sentient animals. As such, importing a barbaric custom to your country is not a wise financial choice.

Please use the bullring for exhibitions of art and not spectacles of bloody torture, pain, suffering, and a cruel death.

Trusting that your wisdom will prevail over atrocity, I request you to not allow this or other bullfight proposals as unmerited and cheap entertainment to your country.

Waiting for a positive response.














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