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Eye Witnesses Watch in horror as 30 Dolphins Slaughtered in Japan

Yesterday I witnessed something I hoped I would never see.  I have been volunteering as a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian in taiji for 2 weeks and for the entire time we were here there was no slaughter.  Many times the boats went hunting and came back with nothing, we even saw them attempting to drive dolphins in but they escaped.


Yesterday was a total nightmare.  We watched in horror as approx. 30 striped dolphins were slaughtered right in front of us.


I will never forget this little baby dolphin, no bigger than my arm, so small we thought he was a fish at first.  He kept launching himself out of the water in an attempt to escape the loud banging of the banger boats.  Four adult dolphins surrounded him to protect him, one on each side.  I watched in horror as one of them launched herself out of the water onto the rocks, blood gushing from her face.  Divers pushed them into the cove, and the tail thrashing started.  I will never forget the sound of the tails thrashing against the water, and then the blood started to run.


Please check our blog for a detailed report of the day


We are leaving today, our hearts broken for that family of dolphins.  We will be forever traumatized by what we witnessed.  Please follow Sea Shepherd on Twitter, campaign leader Rosie Kunneke sends out live tweets every day letting the public know what’s happening as the day unfolds.!/SeaShepherd



Please take action for these dolphins!!!  After what I saw, I pledge to contact the Japanese embassy and consulate every single day until this stops.  Even if you pledge to make a weekly call, but one call is not enough!  We must not forget about the dolphins in Japan, and the dolphin hunters will hunt every single day of the week until the end of March!!



Japanese embassy in Ottawa,



Japanese Consulate in Vancouver



Marley and Carisa

Cetacean Defense League


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  1. This update leaves me speechless. So incredibly sad. Thank you for providing the direct Japanese agency contact information.

  2. […] Eye Witnesses Watch in horror as 30 Dolphins Slaughtered in Japan ( […]

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