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Man tortures dogs to death: Please write asking for justice

I can not bare to watch this.  If you have the stomach for it, here is the video link.  Please either way write to the following Sheriff and ask for the heaviest sentence possible for this horrible action of slowly torturing this dog to death.

Here is more info and a sample letter:

Please call Sheriff Greg Bewley @ 254-386-8128 – Send the sheriff an e-mail:
– The person who killed these dogs is: Randy Klatt contact info:
(254) 386-8427 Hamilton, TX


Get involved with facebook page here:


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43 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    I love my dogs to the ends of the earth and back. With that being said, I take responsibility for them and keep them safe and contained so they don’t get themselves in trouble. Unfortunately the dogs owner decided to let them run free where harm eventually but surely came to them. No good ever comes from letting dogs run free. The world is a big mean cruel place and you can complain about it forever or do your part and protect the things you claim to care so much about. No one will argue about how cruel this man was to display your animal. It’s very sad it even had to come to that.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Dear theroaringbutterfly, Wow! that is absolutely profound. I couldn’t have said it better. And it’s so true. Knowing Mr. Klatt, he killed that sheep he hung next to my dog JUST to prove a point. He’s not a man that takes to being wrong very well. And he HATED that his sheep were being killed, not because they are furry and cute but because he’s losing money in the sense that they WILL end up on someone’s table and he HATED not being able to control the situation so he had to find a scapegoat, my dogs. And John, if you’re reading this, you it’s my word against his, look at my facebook. Pitcures and police reports do not lie!

    • john says:

      But the fact remains, if you had properly cared for your animals and contained them instead of letting them run loose, they would both be alive and well today.

      Even after he had killed one, you still did not contain the other dog and allowed it to meet a grisly fate months later. Pleas don’t take on the responsibility for an animal and then abandon your responsibility and allow it to run loose again.

      You cannot do anything about Mr. Klatt, but you had every opportunity to prevent any of this from ever happening by doing the right thing for your dogs.

  3. Joe says:

    Thank God I don’t live in a backwards hill-billy infested region. I couldn’t handle being around hick farmers that kill livestock for a completely un-honest living. Its crazy to think that humans think they own the rights to anything and everything. The only thing that irresponsibly condemns the poor dog to an early and violent death is the sick and twisted minds of people. These farmers are lost in the past and not moving forward what so ever. From the words of the wise-“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Adrienne says:

      Joe, You hit the nail on the head!

      • Joe says:

        It’s just awful how behind we still are as a society. At least living in the city there are more people that agree and more options. I’ve said it before , but if someone killed my dog and hung it for display his/her head would be in the street.And then I would say ” well thats just a hard lesson that he had to learn”.

      • Adrienne says:

        Joe, yes, it sure is. A lot of people have made VERY good points on here including these people can’t escape the caveman era, and I’m paraphrasing but you know what I mean. It’s a damn shame that this is sociabley acceptable by these types of people and I’m dont trying to even talk to John. He is indeed entitled to his opinion but we all know what it is many times over. He is too close minded.

    • Judith says:

      Precisely! This Klatt cretin cannot even categorized as a person! What a scumsuck sociopath! If that effer ever touched my dog, he’d be hanging on the fence!

  4. Adrienne says:

    John, are you friends with Mr. Klatt? It’s funny because my dogs NEVER showed any evidence of killing sheep. No blood on their mouth, no sheep, no anything. Mr. Klatt just needs a scape goat for the real animals that is killing his sheep. I have a witness that saw HIS OWN two GUARD dogs mauling his sheep. I’m not going to mess with a lawsuit. I know it will be a waste of time and money but the fact still remains Mr. Klatt tortured my dogs. If you’re going to shoot/run over an animal, make sure you shoot to kill for crist sakes!

    • Judith says:

      Why not ask for donations for legal representation? Have you heard of Animal League Defense Fund? Please look them up, call them, write them or contact them somehow! They take cases like this one and make them national. This Klatt needs real jail time. He is a dangerous psychopath and will keep doing this if he can get away with it. Probably a wife beater; those types usually are.

  5. Marie St-Clair says:

    My sincerest condolences for the brutal killing of your furbaby.
    I have 3 rescues myself, plus a rescue cat and I can only imagine the despair I would be in if it had happened to one of mine.
    That sick sub-human of a murderer, Klatt, who saddistically displayed his vile acts for all to see, especially children, should give an earthquake of a shock to the entire community.
    Where are the real men in this case ?
    A monster capable of such atrocity is indeed capable of just about anything cruel toward anyone.
    I’ve signed the petition and sent a letter to the judge and Sherriff demanding severe justice.
    Burn in hell Randy Klatt! Consider yourself lucky you’re not in my neck of the woods, for you’d be hung by the balls you so clearly lack!
    You don’t reform evil, you destroy it!

    • Adrienne says:

      Well said Marie! Thank you so much for signing the petition and sending an email to the Sheriff. The more uproar that is made about this insane situation, the better the results. I am just dumbfounded that they couldn’t do anything. This is a very small community and maybe everyone is scared of stepping on certain peoples toes?

      You can also follow on my Facebook:

      I have also set up a chip in account to try and raise a little $ for filing civil suits. That’s all anyone has been able to tell me, is it’s a civil matter. If that’s the case, then that’s the way I’m going to go. I really need an attorney to combine both cases to make more of an impact, instead of doing one for Boy then a seperate one for Zeak. Thanks in advance!

    • Adrienne says:

      Yes, I contacted them a few months ago. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to contact them again though. Thanks so much for your support!

    • John says:

      I have 2 rescues myself, but I didn’t buy my acreage out in the country until I could afford a fence.. Just common sense and my dogs would end up hanging on a fence too if I weren’t being a responsible caring owner and properly containing my dogs. They are after all carnivorous predators.

      I’m sorry and it’s sad, but if you move in next door to a sheep farm and let your 2 large dogs run loose this is what will happen every time. The only other outcome that could be expected would be the dogs eventually getting run over and splattered on the road for the kids to see.

      I’m sorry but it’s just irresponsible, uncaring and in my view abusive to allow dogs to run loose, especially next door to a farm with sheep. The woman has no business owning a dog if she can not, or will not properly confine them.

      Dogs and coyotes and foxes have been hung from farmers fences for far longer than I have been alive, it is pretty standard practice in rural Texas and the rural south west to ward off other predators. A hard lesson to learn, but that is rural life.

      • Adrienne says:

        John, Defending his livestock is one thing but torturing and displaying Zeak for my kids as well as the bus kids to see twice a day is another. I grew up in the country and have never seen or gone through anything like this. I’ve seen coyotes hanging on the fence, yes but not dogs and coyotes is probably what is killing his sheep, he just can’t catch them so he has to have something to blame. You do not know this man.

      • Wow John. What redneck, sick and twisted part of the world are you from? There is a part of the world where hanging dogs is considered normal?

        I recall hearing that “in them good ol days” those dem neighbours killed em dogs that might come over.

        But as genetically programmed as human beings seem to be to act ruthlessly towards animals including a majority of the population living in a state of deep discompassion towards other species… still hasn’t’ the human race evolved even a few decimal points from the good ol redneck ways?

      • john says:

        Yes A rose, there is a part of the world where it is considered normal, all over the southwest.

        I own two large dogs, both adopted from rescue. Both “unadoptabe” german shepherds, I took the two hardest to place dogs, and have turned them into loving sweethearts.

        I also own acreage out in rural Texas.

        I also plan to start raising sheep.

        I would never, ever allow my dogs to run loose. I spent thousands of dollars and two weeks of back breaking work putting up a fence first thing when I bought my property so my dog would not end up hanging on a neighbors fence, or shot and buried in the back of their pasture, or run over on a county road.

        I know it seems idyllic to have dogs run free in the county, but as all old rednecks know the vast majority of loose dogs live painfully short lives, and many inflict equal torture on neighbors livestock. So much so that many ranchers just shoot on sight.

        So I did the responsible thing and cared properly for my beloved dogs by properly controlling and containing them with a fence before ever letting them run on my property as I also have neighbors that ranch calves, sheep and goats. If I didn’t they would also end up dead. That is simply reality.

        The guy is a jerk for sure, but letting dogs run loose next door to a sheep farm is the height of irresponsibility, and the result is going to dead dogs 99.9% of the time. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows this.

        And I too will shoot a dog that is chasing and killing my livestock, I don’t want to, but what choice do you have when people refuse to properly control their dogs? I hate the very idea, but I will do it if I need to.

      • john says:

        As for kids, how do you think child felt, when she walked to her pen and found this? Traumatized?,0,3417749.story

        You don’t let dogs run loose. If you get more dogs I pray you take a little better care of them for both the dogs and your children sake.

        Go read on some small farms discussion forums the agony that loose dogs cause them, and the agony so many go through struggling with neighbors that let their dogs run loose while losing from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars in livestock. Ask them their thoughts about this man.

      • Adrienne says:

        John, are you friends with Mr. Klatt? It’s funny because my dogs NEVER showed any evidence of killing sheep. No blood on their mouth, no sheep, no anything. Mr. Klatt just needs a scape goat for the real animals that is killing his sheep. I have a witness that saw HIS OWN two GUARD dogs mauling his sheep. I’m not going to mess with a lawsuit. I know it will be a waste of time and money but the fact still remains Mr. Klatt tortured my dogs. If you’re going to shoot/run over an animal, make sure you shoot to kill for crist sakes!

      • john says:

        Nope never heard of him before.

        It’s just your word vs his on the net, but I see absolutely no recognition on your part that you were irresponsible letting your dogs run loose. Even after one dog was horribly shot, you still let your other dog run loose and allowed it to be killed as well. Your dogs safety is your responsibility. You abandoned that responsibility by letting them run loose. That’s like letting a toddler run the countryside, it’s asking for trouble.

        Many if not most dogs will show no evidence of having been chasing or killed a sheep after they have. That’s pretty normal. That’s why the sheriff did nothing.

        If you had kept your dogs responsibly, provided a safe secure environment none of this would have happened.

        Look at it from a sheep owner’s view, it only takes one irresponsible owner’s loose dog one day to wipe out a decade long breeding program. And they have to deal with those neighbors all the time. Just maybe he went to the extreme measures he did because nothing short of that would get the message across, and even those measures did not get the message through that you need to properly care for your dogs and contain them. You still don’t recognize you did anything at all wrong, you take zero responsibility. I pray you provide a safer environment for any future dogs and for your children.

        I have a neighbor next door to my place with 5 loose dogs, two are huge great danes. One is already missing an eye that she said was shot out by a farmer when her huge dog was chasing his calf down. She like you still lets them run loose, and every other neighbor lives in fear for their livestock. I dread it because even though I will spend about 20 thousand on the best fencing I can buy, I will likely still end up with a neighbors loose dog in my pasture and I dread what I will have to do when that happens, because she obviously will never be a responsible owner regardless pf the price her dogs pay for her irresponsibility.

        I think he was out of line doing what he did, way out of line, but within his legal rights. I think you were also way out of line, in that your dog’s safety is your responsibility and your responsibility only, and letting them run loose is abandoning that responsibility. Your dogs paid the price for your negligence, and so did your kids. It’s a shame, and even more of a shame you still don’t recognize your negligence. Do you still to this day let your dogs run loose? If so I’m sorry but you have no business owning a dog.

      • Adrienne says:

        Don’t be sorry, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But you are wrong. I grew up out here in this very house and my Mom never had this problem. Like I said, you do not know Mr. Klatt. He will shoot, run over, or whatever else that crosses his path. And I suppose you’re going to tell me next that he’s within his rights to kill one of my cats for running loose? And I have accepted that I should have had my dogs fenced but like I said, I grew up out here and never dreamed I would be faced with something like this. He needs to keep his sheep contained better. It should not be all on me.

      • John says:

        Sorry, but when you accept the responsibility to care for a dog, the dog is your responsibility and nobody else. You take on that duty, that responsibility, which is yours alone to contain your precious personal predators.

        When you abandon that responsibility and let the dogs run loose, to whatever end they may come to, you have little right to complain about their untimely end. That’s why the law states the same exact thing, it’s an age old story that repeats itself daily all around the world.

        The guy is a real jerk for sure, but your dogs safety is not his responsibility. His animals safety is his responsibility.

        Personally if it were me I have walked over and explained it to you, warned you that dogs are not tolerated on my property, and asked you to contain them and tried to work with you if you at least made some attempt to contain them, which if you refused to do, the dogs would simply disappear the next time they were in my pasture,

        Read these and put yourself in these people’s shoes…

        Here is a professional saying the same thing about allowing dogs to be loose.

        What happened to the dogs wasn’t the dog’s fault, it wasn’t the neighbors fault, it was your fault. And you seem totally blind to your own irresponsible lack of care for your own animals.

      • theroaringbutterfly says:

        John I appreciate that you are able to see both sides and to confirm what the perceptive opinion of those in Texas might be, a just response to a dog being loose in an agricultural area. But what amazes me is certain people’s unbelievable denial of equality of life. It has been a stunning shock to myself and others here to learn how people devalue other sentient life to the point that killing an animal is considered normal and practical. The deeply abhorrent selfishness of mankind to punish any life form, whether it is “sheep farming” or dog “shooting” or sport “hunting” is deeply removed from a just, kind and gentle society. It appears from stories such as these that there is little to no remorse for such actions. That this kind of horrible display is considered normal and ‘righteous’ is deeply disturbing. That living in a lawless society where laws that do exist only support violence and cruelty to animals is the norm is hard to comprehend for those watching from the outside. It has been said that a cult is a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. From the rest of the world looking in, this is a pretty sadistic cult that enjoys killing for the sake of profit and employs the use of torture and display to evoke emotional responses and fear. And this was definitely accomplished. These are the same tactics used in medieval cultures and it reveals that certain parts of society have not evolved very far in their sanity. I can understand wanting to protect one’s sheep and or livestock for the purposes of profit, but much more I can understand wanting to protect them for their state of innocence and vulnerability. Sheep are vulnerable, dogs are carnivores and those responsible for their carnivores must act responsibly. This is correct. However the practice of farming itself is an act of devaluing life and these sheep will probably end up dead on somebody’s table at some point. In my opinion, looking in on this little scenario, it appears to be a malicious act of torture and abuse from somebody without any regard for life. It’s hard to believe that this person reacted out of a deep concern for his herd, as perhaps a shepherd would if you will. But more like an imbalanced human that has shown that there is no ability to act with an ounce of mercy or tenderness. I could say much, much worse, but I won’t. Nevertheless I appreciate your opinion and your desire to find some sort of comprehension of this disturbing matter.

      • John says:

        This guy could be a raving lunatic for all I know, but I also know that a farmer who has had his sheep preyed upon off and on for a few decades by people’s loose dogs tends to get very frustrated, very angry, very disturbed and ready to lash out at what he perceives as arrogant, uncaring idiot people who intentionally allow predators to threaten his very livelihood without any regard for either his animals or their own. It is just human nature.

        This type of thing is not shocking to any rural farmer anywhere on the entire planet. It is only shocking to those who’s lives have been so insulated from agriculture that they only faintly realize some fantasy ideal of a farm and agricultural life that is about as realistic as a child’s fairy tale. In reality this is every day small farm reality across the planet and has been for at least tens of thousands of years.

        I mean ask yourself, what would possibly provoke a man to do what he did?

        Decades of going out to find dead slaughtered animals, decades of anguish and anger over having to carry out the disturbing task of killing people’s dogs that their owners could have and should have prevented, being demonized for doing so time after time, being called sub human, redneck, neanderthal… by the very irresponsible people that forced his hand into needless killing by their very own negligence.

        It would provoke many men to that sort of provocative behavior over time, and has.

        Will the same thing ever provoke me to that level? I sure hope not. I hope I can hold it together better this guy did, and have bit more tolerance, and not start losing my humanity.

        I do fully expect neighbors to force my hand into ending the lives of their dogs though, I fear it, I loathe it, but I fear it is going to be inescapable as I start raising a flock. I know of nobody who raises small livestock that has escaped this curse. Fence your dogs please.

      • Marie St-Clair says:

        ”Force his hand”??, ”made him do it’, ??
        That souds suspiciously like a man I knew who said that I made him hit me… Yeah. Right. Poor thing. Next, you’ll ask the victims to apologize to the executioner. People are responsible for their own behavior. Always.

        ”It is only shocking to those who’s lives have been so insulated from agriculture that they only faintly realize some fantasy ideal of a farm and agricultural life that is about as realistic as a child’s fairy tale”.

        Shows just how little you know about us ”insulated” people. I live surrounded with new generation farmers. Young, caring, new age, social, intelligent, courteous, practical, hard working, no-nonsense farmers.

        Maybe the sheep farmer who’s flock is being preyed upon should keep a better eye out for them instead of blaming pets and people around the area. Maybe then, the responsibility falls on his shoulders.

        If my lovingly cared for rose bushes were being decimated, and I suspected the neighbour’s cat to be the culprit, the first I would do is knock at their door and try a friendly conversation to plead my case. If that fails, I’d get video evidence and send a not so friendly lawyer’s notice. Costs $50 or less.
        And if that fails, I’d catch the cat myself and bring it to the police or the pound.
        But never KILL it!!! Never mind exposing the carcass nailed to a fence where children can see!!!
        John, you are making up excuses for someone primitive and barbaric where there is none to have. There is NO EXCUSES for this type of behavior.
        Trying to justify it by saying ”all farmers around the world have done it for centuries” just doesn’t cut it.
        People have been murdering each other since the dawn of time. Does not make it right.
        Peoplehave been drinking and driving since the conception of cars. Does not make it right either.
        Evolve, grow up, communicate, use up all means at your disposal to solve in all civility the problems.
        NEVER murder someone’s pet! Geez!
        Shocking that you don’t grasp this simple concept of civility.
        But yeah, give in and give wayto your basest anger pulsions. That will get you far in life. I hope this maniac does not have children…

      • john says:

        Yes force his hand.

        Here’s the dilemma farmers like him are in that I will almost surely find myself in at some point as well.

        I can build fort knox out of my place, but my neighbors 5 dogs, one of which has already been shot and wounded and she refuses to contain will likely at some point get in.

        So what do I do when I come across the dogs attacking my sheep.

        I now have been forced by this person to choose which animal dies. Her dog or my sheep. One will die, and I have to make that choice.

        This is not a choice I ever plan to make, nor is it one I ever want to make, and I myself am spending a lot of money and back breaking work doing it all with my own hands to avoid ever having to make that choice.

        I fear though that through her selfishness, laziness, disregard for her own animals safety as well as mine it’s the situation I will be placed in with no good choice left to make.

        I will be furious with her. How dare she allow her actions to place a person in that position, to back a person into that corner to have to make that terrible choice.

        I have already talked to her, every neighbor in the area has talked to her for years, one already shot her dog when it was attacking a calf and it’s blind in one eye. She still allows her dogs to run loose and simply refuses to contain them..

        I have already invested 10 thousand in fencing, I will likely invest 10 thousand more soon and weeks of hard labor putting it in. Far more than I ever need to keep sheep inside. What else can I do? There isn’t a law that says she has to fence them, only a law that says I can protect my animals and she feels she has every right to allow them to run loose and legally she does. But if dogs really want to get in they will eventually get in.

        I’m not justifying the guys actions as good, or right, but I can certainly understand farmers being furious and fed up enough to go to extreme measures.

        Bottom line is if you take predators into your care and don’t contain them they are likely to be killed, and the person who does it will likely be furious that you put them in the position that they felt they had no choice but to do it.

        Sheepherders have been eliminating dogs since sheep were domesticated, it’s why the laws are what they are, and yes it is only shocking for sheltered people. It’s a common issue that every sheep farmer faces, and horse breeders, poultry farmers and small homesteaders and it’s all because of lazy selfish irresponsible dog owners who won’t contain their animals.

        I feel one heck of a lot more sorry for the dogs than I do for the owner. I will likely just catch her dogs if I can and haul them off to the closest dog pound as a stray dog. But there is no requirement to be so humane. But they will likely just be euthanized there as dangerous animals that have attacked livestock.

        Makes me angry just thinking about it. Keep your dog ina fence, pr don’t own a dog. Is that so very complicated? Do the right thing for crying out loud.

  6. mackenzie says:

    He should nnever own an animal again, sick man!

  7. Betty Paul says:

    This sick guy needs to be hung by the balls and hung out like he did to this poor dog. Please punish him to the max and do not allow him to get his hands on another animal!

  8. Amy Rinker says:

    I would like to disembowel that sick S.O.B. alive for what he did to that poor dog!! Anyone who tortures and kills any living being and then displays the bodies for kids to view is beyond sick by all means!! I feel so sorry for the poor children who witnessed this and how it could affect them for the rest of their lives!!!

    • Adrienne says:

      Amy Rinker,
      Exactly! My kids were very traumatized because of this. I want to hear from the kids parents that also were forced to see this. The sheep is still hanging but I cut Zeak down, not caring about trespassing, so I could bury him.

  9. Please give the strongest sentence to this truely sick individual.
    Make it a statement, and let it be know, anyone who does torture animal or individual should get the same treatment.
    There is no other way.
    Amy Kafkaloff

  10. Randy Klatt is filth, garbage and vile! You WILL meet with Karma because anyone cold enough to MURDER an innocent dog WILL have to answer to a higher authority and I don’t mean the legal injustice system. How DARE you slaughter a pet, how dare the police do nothing. How do you even sleep at night? What is wrong with you? Are you heartless? You are the animal Randy Klatt!

  11. Maureen Shearer says:

    What is the status of this horrible case?

    • Adrienne says:

      There is no case. As far as the police here is concerned, Mr. Klatt was within his right to kill my dog since he ‘claimed’ Zeak, my dog, was killing his sheep and according to the police, Mr. Klatt did nothing illegal by hanging Zeak on the fence for my kids to see at least twice a day as they rode the bus to and from school so other kids saw this horrific sight as well. I plan to file a civil suit but I really need an attorney and I can’t afford the civil suit until income tax.

      • John says:

        Don’t bother suing, use the money for a fence.

        You moved next to a sheep farm and allowed two large dogs to run loose, what did you think would happen?

        They paid the price for your irresponsible actions, and now your kids are paying as well.

        No jury will choose an irresponsible owner of a dog who lets large dogs run loose over a farmer’s rights protecting his livelihood and his sheep. Predators have been hung on fences in Texas since the 1920’s at least, if your kids haven’t seen that before they are pretty sheltered for country kids.

        Get a fence before you get another dog and irresponsibly condemn the poor dog to an early and violent death by allowing it to run loose if not from your neighbor, then by some other farmer or some car running over the dog, it could even be the school bus that runs over and kills your dog next time.

        Get a clue, get responsible, take proper care of your pets if you don’t want them hanging from a farmer’s fence. This was your fault, you were responsible for your animals care and confinement you are responsible for the result.

      • Marie St-Clair says:

        That answer right there is typical of a very primitive thinking. You compare nailing to a fence a coyote, whom nobody knows, to a family pet beloved by children. Although I personally think unimaginable to take the life of either, I would hope a grown man can resolve neighbourly problems with civility and communication. At least try. But John here, just confirmed my deepest sorrows: farmers are neanderthals. Cruel, primitive, ignorant neanderthals who’s only available recourse to problems is: kill it.

      • john says:

        Farmers are not neanderthals, but once you have irresponsible neighbors dogs slaughter your animals for sport a number of times, killing dozens of your livestock, you tend to lose patience for irresponsible dog owners who don’t fence in their dogs and let them roam loose.

        I have never met a farmer that liked killing his neighbors dog, but every single one I have ever known has had to do so more than once. Simply because irresponsible owners let their dogs run loose, no fence, which is a recipe for disaster for the dog, the neighbors goats. sheep chickens, drivers on the county roads who run over them all the wildlife in the area..

        Fence your dog, take proper care of your animals, or don’t own them. Don’t blame a guy for protecting his own animals from your totally irresponsible treatment care of your dogs letting them run loose. Don’t let your dear children’s pet become one of the dogs that kills tens of thousands of sheep a year. If it is so dear take proper care of it for christ’s sake.

  12. jan says:

    This sick puke has to be put away far away where there is no life to torture. NO EXCUSE for this animal torture. That scum deserves to be put in the same excruciating pain those poor beautiful dogs went through.

    • Adrienne says:

      Thank you. I’m the owner of these poor dogs. I doubt you’ll get this message since I’m just now getting this link. I just wanted to thank you for your support.

      Sincerely, Adrienne

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