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Sample Letter To Grand Forks City Mayors Requesting Halt to Cruel Deer Cull




To whom it may concern:


The Honorable Brian Taylor

Mayor of Grand Forks


Grand Forks City Council;


Dear Officials,


The city of Grand Forks has passed a plan that would permit the cruel netting/trapping and killing of deer to control the resident deer population. Despite being informed of the extreme cruelty inherent in these methods, officials have decided to allow them anyway. Netting/trapping deer is inhumane in all respects. Every minute spent entangled or trapped is a terrifying eternity for these easily frightened prey animals, who can badly injure themselves in frantic attempts to get free. And the deer who are removed or killed aren’t the only victims: Mass killings tear families apart, leaving young and weak animals vulnerable to starvation, dehydration, and predators.

As a BC resident and Canadian taxpayer citizen, I can’t express enough my disappointment on this decision that also creates international outrage. We cannot treat our wildlife with such cruel actions, this is simply unacceptable for the public. This decision also brings negative attention on our country, once again. While there’s ongoing improvement around the world for more human treatment of animals of all species, here in Canada there’s no advancement and animals have to suffer horrific deaths from their injuries because there’s legal orders to destroy them in such cruel ways. Please refrain from trapping/killing these sentient animals and stick with effective, humane deer control methods instead. Please do not bring our country to the spotlight with such cruel actions. I trust that you will review this unacceptable decision and will not let these animals die this way, simply below the international animal/wildlife protection and conservation standards.

Thank you for your time in this important matter,

I’m looking forward hearing from you.



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