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Peta Blog: Ding Dong the Bills Are Dead!

We are thrilled to announce that today, after bills that would have criminalized the filming of cruelty to animals on factory farms died in Florida and Minnesota, similar bills in Iowa (H.F. 589) and New York (S. 5172) have also officially died despite aggressive attempts by the meat industry to push them through! This news comes after months of PETA cross-country campaigning against the bills.

Among other actions taken, Republican strategist Mary Matalin personally appealed on PETA’s behalf to every Republican representative in Iowa where the GOP-backed bill was closest to passing; Iowa native Cloris Leachman called on legislators in her home state to reject the bill, which made Iowa look like it had something to hide; PETA visited each state capital and met with legislators; and thousands of PETA members and supporters expressed their outrage against the bills. This is a victory for animals and will protect undercover investigative work in these states that is crucial to exposing cruelty.

These pieces of legislation were desperate attempts by agriculture-industry giants to prevent consumers from learning the truth about how animals on factory farms suffer and die. Citizens’ right to document cruelty to animals—wherever it occurs—is crucial to helping local, state, and federal officials enforce anti-cruelty and other animal-protection laws. With the failure of these bills, we can continue to conduct undercover investigations, such as our 2008 investigation of an Iowa Hormel supplier, which found that workers were beating and sexually abusing pigs, to uncover cruelty and ensure that the abusers are held accountable. Thank you again for your help in making this possible.

Dan Mathews Senior,
Vice President People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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