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Letter in support of Japanese Dolphins and Whales Circulates Planet. Please Keep it Going!

This letter circling around the planet, could you also please send and share? Over 1000 people have forwarded this message to the following contacts!
Dear Sir or Madame,

I am appalled at the continued capture, enslavement  and slaughter of dolphins and whales in Japan. The world has moved on from such archaic acts  into the new age of sustainability and ecotourism. It is now Japan’s time to stop these barbaric acts and gain back respect from the rest of the world. Japan is capable of learning to live side by side with dolphins and whales with monetary incentives through ecotourism. Japan’s reputation through the continued dolphin/whale captures and slaughters is in shreds. Many Japanese are unaware of the atrocities  that is happening in Taiji and the Government is not allowing freedom of speech to the media, I ask you why is this? The only reason this  would be allowed to happen is that you are ashamed of yourselves. And what would your people would say and do they would be appalled at your brutal acts. I appeal to your human nature and hope you put a stop to these unthinkable acts.

Sincerely, Name, Country




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Steven Watson Sperm Whale

Steven Watson Sperm Whale

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