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Human Rights and Animal Rights: online activism works! helps Saudi women with illegal driving.

A few days ago, we shared a link about a puppy in China who according to the media outlet was roasted alive on a street corner in eastern Chinese city of Kengkou.

It was heart breaking to say the least and we know how difficult and shocking it was for many to witness.  Several of us have been having a few positive and helpful discussions about what to do with this information once you see it and asking IF there really is anything one can do…all the way over there in China. Is there any point in burdening our hearts with this information? Will it really make a difference?

Well, we think so.  And we think the petition below shows how social media and world wide influence can help.  When we started signing petitions 4 years ago everybody told us how pointless it was and that online petitions didn’t count and not to forward them and waste their time because they would not help anyway!  In fact we were told repeatedly that doing anything was pointless!! We could not affect or change anything for animals!  Well the world is being transformed by petitions and activism and we are so glad we did not listen, but instead followed our heart’s that insisted we MUST, at all costs speak up for the little beings we share this planet with! had 20,000 individuals respond to a petition to have charges dropped against a women in Saudi Arabia arrested for driving her own car and after this petition the charges were dropped!  And she now is taking it to Hillary Clinton. And now, the same Saudi women are launching their biggest campaign yet: calling on car company Subaru to pull out of Saudi Arabia until women have the right to drive.

The difference is, animals can not represent themselves.  They can not ask for assistance.  They can not walk up to a stranger and tell them their life story.  And they certainly can not ask a politician to change the laws for them.  As we know, they have no voice, at least not a human voice.  And thus no way to be protected with even basic, minimum, living rights.

That is why it does make a difference if we are all representatives of animals.  If we all stand in solidarity and rise up to the occasion to speak out for justice.  And justice, as we know, comes directly from the mind of the heart.  And when we spread our outrage and protest, or even our kind and quiet thoughts or actions, we are definitely speaking up for animals.  When we twitter, blog, email and talk about what is going on, things start to change, through the ethers and into the hearts that need transformation most.

Thank-you for your feedback and thank you for caring!

Enjoy this victorious story below and we  look forward to sharing positive victories for animals in the future that are less troublesome for the heart and mind to digest.



Below is a copy of the letter from if you would like to read for yourself how online activism does make a difference!

Amazing! Last week, a group of Saudi women activists started a petition calling on Saudi authorities to drop charges against Manal al-Sharif, a woman arrested for driving her own car. Days later, the charges were dropped!

Then, they launched a second petition calling on U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to speak out publicly for Saudi women’s right to drive. Clinton initially resisted, but after 20,000 members joined the call, she declared, “What these women are doing is brave, and what they are seeking is right,” at a major press conference.

Now, the same Saudi women are launching their biggest campaign yet: calling on car company Subaru to pull out of Saudi Arabia until women have the right to drive. Please click here to sign their petition, then send this email to everyone you know.

Subaru markets heavily to women, especially in the U.S. and Europe — and has built up a progressive brand for itself. Yet the company still sells cars in Saudi Arabia, the only country on earth where women are prohibited from driving or even riding a bike.

(The ban is a huge impediment for women who are forbidden to drive to work, stores, or even a hospital. Many women can’t afford male drivers, and those that can are often harassed by them.)

The activists at Saudi Women for Driving tell us, “Manal was released, Mrs. Clinton spoke out, and some brave women have started driving in defiance of the ban. This is already the largest women’s rights movement in Saudi history and no one here knows what will happen next, but a big company like Subaru pulling out could help change our country forever. Help us do it!”

It’s simple: A massive campaign to push Subaru to pull out of Saudi Arabia — and the threat that they might leave — will put huge pressure on the Saudi royal family and shine a bright light on the “gender apartheid” in the country. It’s a chance for the company to live up to its brand and make a huge difference for nearly 13 million women. members have already won more than 200 campaigns in 2011. Let’s win this one, too.

Click here to stand with Saudi women and ask Subaru to pull out of Saudi Arabia until women win the right to drive:


– Weldon and the team


Sign Petition Here:



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