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University of Alberta Cuts Nerves of Limbs in Cats

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Scientists of the University of Alberta cut multiple nerves in both hind legs of cats, implanted electrodes into these animals and forced them to walk a narrow plank that would shift suddenly without warning. The alleged breakthrough result was that cats whose nerves had been cut were more unstable when walking the plank.

Researchers at the BC Women’s Hospital looked at the impacts of their experiments that involve major operations and surgical implants between animals in their laboratory and flock raised animals. They said that “It is concluded that in chronic pregnant sheep preparations, there is a significant incidence of preterm birth and that this is associated with the severity of the surgical intervention and with several maternal and fetal complications.” Obviously the major surgical interventions would result in following medical complications. In other similar experiments the activity and rest of preterm lambs were compared to full term lambs The obvious find was that preterm lambs had a “significantly lower frequency and intensity of activity bouts”.

Read more about how you can help stop the ridiculous experiments on cats and lambs:
Please send a letter to the funding agency, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and monitoring organization, CCAC, politely asking them to evaluate the scarce health care funds wasted on animal experiments. We must phase out vivisection!


Dr. Alain Beaudet at: or Toll Free 1-888-603-4178


Clément Gauthier, PhD.Executive Director, Canadian Council on Animal Care, at:

Peter Hamilton

Lifeforce Founding Director



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