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Seal Motorcade Saturday March 26th for the Seals!

CATCA seals and wolves alert!

Dear all,

Here below is some important info:

** TODAY at 12:20 PM we will be in Animal Voices CO-OP Radio at: 102.7 FM
Or: Satellite: Starchoice 845, Cable: Check your local listings, Telus TV: Channel 718


March 26th, Saturday at 10:00AM

10:00 AM – meet at the waterfront parking lot on Beach and Bute, Vancouver
10:30 AM- vehicle decoration and media reception
11:00 AM- departure from Vancouver
12:00 PM- media reception in Squamish
1:00 PM – media reception in Whistler
1:15 PM – we will go for lunch in Whistler and then we will return to Vancouver

The distance from Vancouver to Whistler is 120km/75mi which is 1/3 of 360km/225mi – the distance from Vancouver to Kamloops. At 1m/3.3′ per seal, 360km/225mi is the length of a single file of 360,000 dead baby seals lined up along any highway.

Anthony Marr has taken his anti-sealing message to the United States by leading his Motorcade for the Seals in numerous US cities.

The co-organizer of the event Ericka Ceballos of CATCA, coordinated the  international effort campaign at the EU from 2007-2010. She coordinated the actions of 16 organizations in North America and Europe during all that time.
As a result, that CATCA international seal campaign played a major role in achieving to get the ban on the import trade of seal products at the European Union.

Anthony Marr will lead the motorcade by motorcycle, rain or shine.

We need people to come and participate in the event!

If you would like to participate, pls. tell me how you can help:
1) Can you drive? Can you bring your car to the motorcade before and after we take off to Whistler?
2) We are looking for people to hold banners for about 45 minutes here ? Can you do that?
3) Can you bring family or friends to the event?
4) Do you know people in Whistler?

Pls. send me an e-mail if you can help us with any of the above at: is just a temporary
e-mail adress up to next Tuesday). I am having problems to receive e-mails, so if you need to contact me, contact me there.

Hope to see you there tomorrow!

**Our dear colleague Earl sent us an alert for the wolves in Norway.

Pls. take action and send and urgent e-mail to save the very last few wild wolves in Norway.
There is about 30 wolves left in Norway!

and don’t forget:

**Our CATCA bowling event for the animals!

Monday, Wednesday – all day, and Sunday before 3pm.
Price is $20.00 with a vegan or veggie food and a drink.
If you don’t want to eat, then is $13 for 2 games for Mondays and Wednesdays (shoes included or bring your own); and $15 for Sundays. IT IS MANDATORY TO CALL 1 or 2 days ON AHEAD TO RESERVE A LANE

If you didn’t make a reservation on advance, please call the same day to check availability and/or waiting times.
We thank you for your patience. Call (604) 580-2600 and say that you are going there for the CATCA Fundraising to get this promotion.

We also have a CATCA basket worth it over $100 Dollars with products from the Body Shop. Tickets are $1.00 Each. You can buy them at the Xcalibur Bowling Reception.


Help the animals today!
Go to


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Steven Watson Sperm Whale

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