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March is a busy month for Vancouver Island animal lovers!!  We have several events going on including seal hunt demos, screenings of the Cove in Victoria, and an informative talk happening on Gabriola!!


THURSDAY MARCH 3RD We will be heading to BOTH Jean Crowder’s AND James Lunney’s office for a rally in support of the protection of Harp Seals. As Canadians we are sick and tired of our government ignoring our opposition to this attrocity and we need to let our MP’S hear about it!  Bring posters if you have any, we will have some.

NOON to 1pm
Jean Crowder’s office
77 Victoria Crescent

1:30PM TO 2:30PM
James Lunney’s office
Suite 6, 6894 Island Highway North

Please be on time for these demos as it they will be media events, arrive early if you can!



In Nanaimo, British Columbia, we will converge on the entrance to the
Departure Bay Ferry Terminal on the morning of Saturday, March 19, 2011.
The ferries from West Vancouver arrive in Nanaimo at 1010 and 1210 and
leave at 1030 and 1230. Thus we will be on the street at the traffic
lights on the corner of Brechin Road and Stewart Avenue in front of the
terminal in two shifts, from 1000 to 1030 and from 1200 to 1230 to catch
most of the cars coming and going.

Participants need only commit to being there for 30 minutes to do one
shift. Those willing to do two shifts can retire to a nearby pub from 1030
to 1200. Free parking is available all along the harbour side of Stewart
Avenue or there is pay parking right next to the demo at Millers Pub.
Please set aside a couple of hours on March 19 for this symbolic



Please join us on Saturday
March 5th at 6pm for a screening of
The Cove’. Following the documentary there will be a discussion with local
Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians who are heading to Taiji, Japan on the 7th of March to document the dolphin slaughter.
Tickets are $10 at the door, seating is limited.


The Gabriola Vegetarian Society is hosting a great discussion about xenotransplantation which is the transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs from one species to another.  In 1997 during the biggest ever leak from a UK laboratory documents revealed that Huntingdon Life Sciences were involved in the grotesque transplantation of genetically modified pigs hearts and kidneys into wild caught baboons on behalf of the drug firm Novartis- known as xenotransplantation- but the horrible experiments caused so much suffering, they were deemed illegal.  The greatest success of this research program was that one baboon survived for 30 days with a pig’s heart implanted into the back of his neck, the poor animal was seen holding the swollen red transplant, which was seeping yellow fluid, for the rest of the last days of his life.  The rest of the animals lasted an average of 10 days.  Animals in laboratories all over the world are suffering for these brutal pointless experiments.

On average, 20-30% of Canadian patients who require a transplant die on waiting lists every year, and the gap between need and availability continues to widen as demand for organs and tissues accelerates. Canada has one of the lowest organ donation rates in the western world. Is animal-to-human organ transplantation the answer?

You are invited to join

Dr. Michael Mehta for Xenotransplantation:

Should we harvest animal organs for use in humans?

Presentation will be followed by a short question and answer session

Tuesday, March 8th

7pm at the Roxy

Cost: Free or by donation

Sponsored by the Gabriola Vegetarian Society

Organ donation forms from the BC Transplant Society will be available. These forms are also available anytime at both our medical clinics, the pharmacy and the volunteer GHCF office. For more information, please call Sheila Haniszewska at 247-8482.



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  1. ken smith says:

    all i ask is for you to go on youtube type in lulu’s law watch video etc follow link to facebook very self explanatary we need legal advice or possible avenues to help

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