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A Vigil For The Lost Lives of 100 Sled Dogs on April 23rd

Sadly this tragic event is a glimpse into a much broader picture of the treatment of the entire animal kingdom.  Most animals are treated as resources to be used for financial gain, whether wild or factory farmed.  I just hope this sad and horrific view into the daily cruelty of what happens to innocent animals everywhere will encourage people to look at how they also are contributing to the mass slaughter of other species of animals and to find their own voice in speaking up for all animals.

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Basic Information

Founded Feb 5th 2011
Location North Vancouver Canada
About We’ve gone Global! Goal:

An International Candlelight Walk

on April 23rd to honor the 100 Sled Dogs.

Give them a voice. Organize in your town now.

Description One Day~ One Petition~ One purpose~ Change!

We now have 19 cities in four countries on

board for April 23rd united Vigil.

Come join us and organize in your

community now. We can make a

difference but only as a united front!

Awareness is moving slowly across the globe.

Mission Bring National and International exposure

on the Anniversary date of the sled dogs

death on April 23rd in order to create

opportunity for activists, as well as

change laws in Canada to protect

sled dogs, and animals used for

commercial use. Lastly, to honor

these beautiful dogs in a National vigil

so they do not die in vain.


Please download this link for a

petition that we will be using



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  1. Kai Ohlig says:

    macht einen traurig

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