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Urge Cranbrook, B.C. to Halt Cruel Deer Control

The city of Cranbrook is considering netting/trucking and/or bowhunting to control the resident deer population. PETA recently informed city officials of the extreme cruelty of these deer-control methods, but our concerns have apparently fallen on deaf ears.

Netting/trucking deer is horribly cruel. Every minute spent entangled in the netting is a terrifying eternity for these easily frightened prey animals. Being netted is terrifying enough, but these deer would then be tied, stacked, and transported in trucks! Transport is rife with loud noises, vibrations, and the smell of fear. Nothing could be more horrifying for these easily frightened prey animals.

Bowhunting is also among the cruelest forms of killing. Many deer are injured by arrows. Bowhunters routinely spend hours tracking the blood trails of injured deer before finding them. Three decades of research tells us that for every one or two deer struck by arrows and retrieved, another wounded animal disappears, never to be found. And these deer aren’t the only victims: Mass killings tear apart families, leaving young and weak animals vulnerable to starvation, dehydration, and predators.

Even the use of sharpshooters armed with rifles would be far less cruel than the methods being considered. Please politely urge the city of Cranbrook to take netting/trucking and bowhunting off the table:

The Honorable Scott Manjak
Mayor, City of Cranbrook
41-10 Ave. S.
Cranbrook, BC, V1C 2M8
250-256-4211 (tel.)
250-426-4026 (fax)

The Honourable Angus Davis, Denise Pallesen, Liz Schatschneider, Diana Scott, Jim Wavrecan, and Bob Whetham
Cranbrook City Councillors
41-10 Ave. S.
Cranbrook, BC, V1C 2M8
250-256-4211 (tel.)
250-426-4026 (fax)

Thank you for speaking up for animals!


Jodi Minion
Wildlife Biologist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


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7 Responses

  1. Lifeforce says:

    Please send a post card to your MP to Stop Vivisection Canada! See the Lifeforce Facebook at

  2. Lifeforce says:

    Stop Blaming Deer for Human Mistakes!

    In addition to the seasonal government hunting licenses to kill deer, there is this new government plan to kill “urban deer”. There will be at least 225 more deer targeted. BC is infamous for their “wildlife management plans” that continue to create imbalances of wildlife populations. Human overpopulation, urban sprawl, destruction of wildlife habitats and other contributing factors to human/wildlife conflicts must all be taken into consideration when developing policies for human, animal and environmental protection.

    See the Lifeforce Facebook Boycott BC Deer Kills:

    Lifeforce is calling for a worldwide boycott of BC cities that refuse to use humane non-lethal methods and kill “urban” deer!

    Please Sign these Petitions :
    Stop Kimberley Deer Kill Plan
    Stop Invermere Deer Kill Plan
    Stop Grand Forks Deer Kill Plan

  3. Lesley says:

    Kimberley (close to Cranbrook) is also planning the same cruel action, and proposing to make it a “spectator event”. See front page of The Townsman newspaper January 12, 2011

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