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Shame on Aritzia


They have been fur free for a while now, bragging about how no fuzzy animals are harmed for their clothing, blah, blah, blah…(“Rest assured, none of your favourite animals (or even the ones you don’t like) were harmed to make the faux fur collar on this recycled wool coat.”)
But this winter they have brought in racoon dog fur from China!! (see attached pic)

Please email them and let them know what you think about people who sell fur from animals who were skinned alive on horrible Chinese fur farms!!

Here are their contacts:,

Thank you for your efforts!!


Please note:
This alert is not meant to incite any illegal activities and all the information in this message is for legal use only. We don’t take responsibility for other people’s actions no matter how much they make us smile. Thanks for your support.


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16 Responses

  1. IT’s 2014 and I still say, “YOU BASTARDS!!”

  2. Ariel Rose says:

    Hi Anne,

    Are you for real?

  3. Aritzia PR says:

    Hi VARK,

    I am the owner of the store that carries that product and do so because fur is the best insulator and it can get cold in Canada. My customers like being hot and I enjoy keeping them hot. If using a bit of fur means that, well so be it.

    Anne Kots


    • sable says:

      I hate when animal abusers think that what they think matters.

    • Cryote says:

      There is no excuse for this, are you trying to convince us its ok or yourself? Check your actions. Let love enter your soul and spread throughout.

    • erica says:

      Can I pluck out every hair of your body with my bare hands? Better yet let me skin you? You are also a great insulator to keep others warm. There are plenty of other options to keep people warm, but of course people such as yourself, are money hungry. I dare you to watch a video of animals being abused for ‘your store to keep people warm.’

    • francine says:

      “If using a bit of fur means that, well so be it”

      So be it?! You are clearly extremely ignorant. You are just so oblvious to how these jackets were made. These animals were skinned fucking alive and being tossed aside in a pile of half dead and half alive carcasses. You don’t even know how much these creatures suffer and die a slow painful death all in the name of fashion and to “stay hot”. There are other ways of keeping warm with out having to be such cruel fucks. Its ignorant people like you why our world is such an evil place. I get when animals and even humans kill for food because it’s the circle of life but for humans to kill animals for fashion just takes greed and selfishness to another level. Google how animals are killed for fur and watch a video, I gurantee anyone with half a heart would never support buying real fur again.

    • Liz says:

      I was about to shop here, good thing i read this. Ill pass it along to all.

  4. Thank you Aritzia for your decisive action!

  5. Aritzia says:

    Aritzia supports the ethical treatment of animals. Aritzia designs, sources and manufactures the majority of the products that we sell. Each season, we do purchase a small group of products from external vendors.

    It is with much regret that we have recently learned that one of our external vendors has been using animal products that are not consistent with our beliefs.

    We are proactively removing the product from all of our stores and would like to thank our customers and VARK for sharing your concerns with us.



  6. Sabrina says:

    We should remember that Mackage is the maker of this jacket and the next step should be to contact them. Aritzia,it’s good to know you will not be purchasing these items in future. It would be even better if you pulled them and sent them back, let head office know that Vancouver does not endorse cruelty for fashion!

  7. Kris says:

    I hope you send the items back and never use that external vendor again….and do more research on the vendors you deal with in the future.

  8. Ruby Blue says:

    Of course Aritzia did not design or produce – but they do purchase and claim that they purchase animal free products.

    Boxes of clothes are not just sent with out invoices attached.

    A buyer/purchaser is still an employee by the company and should have been aware of company policy – should they not?


  9. […] this winter they have brought in racoon & dog fur from China!! (see attached […]

  10. Thank you Aritzia for your response. I appreciate that you are making efforts to become more aware of this situation and to no longer sell garments that could be associated with the barbaric fur industry.

  11. Aritzia says:


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We understand and appreciate these concerns. Aritzia did not design or produce these items – they were purchased from an external vendor. Aritzia will not order these items again in the future.


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