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Nearly Naked Body Painted Activists for Stop UBC


Nearly naked body painted activists to urge UBC to end animal research
Stop UBC Animal Research teams up with PETA to expose UBC

Braving predicted cool temperatures and rain, a menagerie of animal advocates – whose nearly nude bodies will be painted to resemble cats, monkeys, mice, and other animals used in research at the University of British Columbia – will gather Sunday at the Vancouver Art Gallery to expose UBC’s experiments on animals. The Vancouver-based Stop UBC Animal Research teams up with the world’s leading animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), to stage a mock UBC research lab where activists role playing as “researchers” will conduct “experiments” on the activist “animals.”

WHO: Stop UBC Animal Research and PETA

WHEN: Sunday, October 24, 12:30 PM

WHERE: Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby Street (Georgia Street side)

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Please arrive at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 10:30 to assist with set up. Help will also be needed to pack up after the event. IMPORTANT: We still need someone with a high-quality video camera to tape the event. If you can assist, please contact Brian at 604-551-3324 or email him at

*Respectful, tasteful, hand-made signs with slogans like “UBC, stop using my tax dollars to experiment on animals,” “Research on animals isn’t science. It’s cruelty” “Animal research is bad science,” “Stop UBC Animal Research.”

*Umbrellas since the forecast calls for rain. Remember the slight discomfort we may feel in the rain is nothing compared to what the animals endure at UBC.

*Wear your Stop UBC Animal Research T-shirt. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one from our campaign. Cost: $20.


WHY: UBC has an extensive animal research program. Every year, the university conducts thousands of research projects involving animals, including on cats, mice, monkeys, pigs, rabbits, and other animals. Many of those experiments employ extremely painful and ultimately, lethal procedures. Nearly all of the research is conducted with little public knowledge or scrutiny. One UBC researcher, for example, has experimented on cats for 30 years. In 2008, he received a five-year, federally funded grant for continued animal research. In his papers, the researcher described how he had cut open the backs of cats to expose their vertebrae, inserted titanium screws into the cats’ spinal columns to inhibit movement, and built restraint chambers around the cats’ exposed vertebra to give researchers access to the cats’ spinal columns and to fix the animals in a sitting position for recording sessions. Other UBC researchers have conducted experiments on and off campus in which they have: repeatedly poured saline solution into newborn piglets’ lungs to induce respiratory failure; captured wild songbirds in mist nets; withdrew their blood then decapitated the birds; continuously exposed mice to cigarette smoke in emphysema research; blinded monkeys in vision deprivation studies.

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