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Heartwarming story of rescuing a horse in Richelieu

Listed  below is media coverage of protests held across Canada plus a you tube video of a collection of photos and clips from protests across Canada.

At our protest in Massueville at the Richelieu slaughterhouse, the protesters were met by a man who wanted to bring his horse to slaughter. He had to come talk with us as we were blocking the entrance, and upon learning his intentions we pleaded with him to give us the horse. He was very stubborn and finally called us days later saying he would sell us the horse for more than he would make at slaughter. Funds were raised and the horse was rescued, underwent his necessary surgery, and is now at a foster home waiting for his forever home. His name is now Joe, he is a stallion so his owner kept him in a stall most of his life. Not only will he not have to suffer the horrors of the slaughterhouse, he has freedom. He will get to experience the joys of running, playing and the sun on his coat. Thank you so much to everyone across Canada who worked so hard to pull the demonstrations together. We’ve not only made national headlines that will definitely help stop the slaughter, and we’ve also saved a life! Thank you! I have attached photos of Joe.

Emily Lavender

Short Youtube made of protests:

TV Coverage – click on October 4


Newspaper Coverage:–horse-lovers-demonstrate-across-canada-with-bulletholes-on-their-head–horse-lovers-demonstrate-across-canada-with-bulletholes-painted-into-their-heads—World/Arts/2010-10-04/article-1819715/Horse-lovers-demonstrate-across-Canada-with-bulletholes-painted-into-their-heads/1–horse-lovers-demonstrate-across-canada-with-bulletholes-painted-into-their-heads–horse-lovers-protest-with-bulletholes-in-head

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5 Responses

  1. Claire Bourbonniere says:

    Rose Gergely of Refuge RR for Horses, a wonderful sanctuary in Alexandria, Ontario took Joe, the black stallion. She had him gelded and found him a wonderful foster home!

  2. Lynne Jones says:

    Has “Joe” found a forever home? I came across an e-mail I previous sent you, but did not receive a reply, and was wondering if he had found a forever home.

  3. Lynne Jones says:

    Dear Emily Lavender:

    I would love to have this horse, but the transportation costs to California would be prohibitive for me. If you know of someone heading to Southern California, I would take “JOE” immediately. I’m helping a sanctuary in Perris, CA and I am keeping any horse I adopt there. You can e-mail at
    Lynne Jones

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