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Local Fishermen Find Joy in Killing Ancient Sturgeon

Revision:  Here’s another “angle” from a group called CFAWR:  Apparently the Sturgeon was caught and released. The story printed here didn’t claim the mighty, beastly sturgeon was released back into the water after this rather traumatic experience, but if this group are the watchdog of all sports fishing I’ll take their word for it and own up to a false misinterpretation of the story “line.”  Hope the wonderfish is able to get over the hook, line and stinker and live on for a few more hundred years!

“Calderone was also struck by how docile the monster was when brought to shore.”   And I am struck at how utterly sad it is to have so little respect for this sentient being, minding his own business and being dragged into shore. “Unlike salmon, they don’t fight themselves to death after they’re caught,” said Carrao. “They just lie there, they don’t stress themselves out. That’s why they’ve lived 200 million years.”  That is of course until fishermen can get in there and happily and brutally murder each and every last one of them. “It’s the ugliest fish you’ll ever see,” said Calderone. “They’re just prehistoric.”  As fat and ugly as the prize was, it won’t stop the lucky fishermen from reliving the glory for years to come.  “We went out for lunch later and it was all we could do to wipe the smiles off our faces,” said Calderone.  Can you imagine taking such incredible pleasure in killing another living creature?  That is the strangest thing in the world to me.

For the complete story go here


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3 Responses

  1. CFAWR says:

    I have just read that the fishermen are required to abide by the BC CATCH and RELEASE regulations for endangered fish ( which they did) and that they they had the fish out of the water for 2-3 minutes splashed it with water and put it back This was in the News article

    Their joy was at seeing it and being with it for a few minutes NOT KILLING IT! YOU DO THESE MEN A GREAT DIS-SERVICE!

    We dont appreciate your report that the fisherman took JOY in KILLING this fish This is antagonistic and NOT PROFESSIONAL ! You have now gone DOWN many notches in our book and lost a great deal of your former credibity with CFAWR

    If you print things like this that are NOT TRUE you will not get help and support when you REALLY need it! You edited the news article with blatent prejudice Shame on you VARG ! If you have the courage you will print our comments

    • We are honoured to hear we had some credibility in your books. Thank you! And thanks for the follow up. We are happy to hear that the Sturgeon was released and that the Fishermen found Joy in Releasing the ancient one back into the water and not killing him. It is still beyond me how wrangling a giant in by hooks could be considered fun, but many kudos to them for releasing him back. All the best in your quest for truth and your Fishers of Men.

  2. CFAWR says:

    Where did you get the information that they kiiled this fish ? I read that they put it back into the water? You must be careful what you say ! I would appreciate you sending CFAWR a comfirmation and a verifiable source that the fishermen killed this sturgeon

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Steven Watson Sperm Whale

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