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CATCA E-Alert September 2010

CATCA E-Alert September 2010


We just got an appointment there with the person under the Commissioner of the Environment Cabinet, to discuss important issues about the ban on the import of seal products at the European Union, which was just implemented a couple of weeks ago, but with some exceptions added at last minute. us to collect funds by donating in our website by Paypal.

You can also send your donation by cheque at our postal address:
P.O. Box 16021, 617 Belmont St.
New Westminster BC V3M-6W6 Canada).

Thank you!


We in CATCA are currently desperate to get funds for an investigation for CITES that will help us in our effords to save 38,000-40,000 African elephants  of getting kill for their ivory tusks!. We were very succesful in March this year at the CITES CoP to save them. (Check our prior Reports in the Report section of our website). Now we have to prepare ourselves well to be able to have a good investigation with proper results and as a consequence, we will have strong arguments for the next CITES CoP, but we are running against the clock to get the neccesary funds to start ASAP!


Dolphins herded in Japanese cove but none killed


**Bowl for the animals!
Now you can help the animals in need while you have fun

CATCA Fundraiser Package is $20.00 Per Person and it includes:
2 games of bowling, bowling shoes (NOTE for vegans: just bring some non slippery slippers or  your own tennis shoes),a veggie/vegan burger with salad or French fries or you can have a veggie/ vegan wrap with salad or French fries with a glass of pop, iced tea or beer. This price includes taxes and gratuities

Just go on any Monday in SEPTEMBER and OCTOBER with 3+ people to Xcalibur Bowling Centre at 12350 Pattullo Place in Surrey (Very near to the Scott Road Station). At the reception YOU HAVE TO SAY that you are going there for the CATCA Fundraising, to get this special promotional price.

The hours are from 11 AM to Midnight. We recommend you to call (604) 580- 2600 x 223 to reserve a lane.  Ask for Su Brock
For this Fundraising Promotion you need to be there before 9:00 PM

We will have an ongoing raffle of baskets at Xcalibur to help us to get some funds for our work.
DO YOU WANT TO DONATE US SOMETHING FOR THIS RAFFLES? Please, contact us here by sending us an e-mail:

Pls. help us by promoting this event. Here below is our poster and fliers ready to print and post! Posters Fliers

Thank you!

**Walk for Farm Animals

When: Saturday, September 25th; check-in at noon, walk begins at 1pm
Where:  Vancouver Art Gallery, Georgia St. side (map).

The walk is sponsored by awesome local vegan store, Karmavore!

It’s time to register and start raising money for the animals!  Registration costs $15, and if you register by Wednesday, August 25th, you’ll be guaranteed to get an awesome t-shirt from Farm Sanctuary.


Check this page to sponsor dogs in need!
Kindest regards to all,
Earle, Coqui, and the CVFAF gang.

Please go to this thread and follow the link indicated. you can send a strong message to those who need to hear it.
Go to this link and tell the military to stop these atrocities.

To get a reasonably sensible person to deliberately go around killing others in the name of so-called patriotism requires some sort internal rearrangement. Enter man’s best friend – if you can abuse your best friend in the most brutal ways, there’s a good chance you’re ready to do the same to others of your own species.


PNE Not Fair For Animals

Well some folks may celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Pacific National Exhibition we must not forget its legacy of animal rights abuses. An untold number of animals were repeatedly subjected to psychological and physical suffering. They were force to perform tricks on cue and used in games as prizes.  “PNE” could have stood for “Promoting Non-Human Exploitation”. While some cruel practices continue today, the lessons learnt have influenced the way animals are treated in Vancouver.

Peter Hamilton

Dog in need of a good home

She can be found in the “A Better Life Rescue Dog” website and I’ve also placed ads in Kijiji and Craigslist but so far I’ve just received weird e-mails.  I know that she could end up in the wrong hands, because of her breed and size.  So I’m writting to you with the hope that among the good people that you know somebody can help us with a foster or give her a permanent home.  She is the sweetest dog and one that has suffered enough so please help us.

Sandra J. Cordero

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Steven Watson Sperm Whale

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