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Updates and Notes from Uvic Rabbits

Some quick links and notes to bring you up to date with the situation at UVic right now:

A Channel video of rabbit trapping Monday Aug 30 2010

rabbit trapping pics from Monday Aug 30 2010

Times Colonist article Aug 31 2010 University trapping rabbits – But the lifting of injunction at UVic does not mean any will be killed

University of Victoria’s press release – Aug 30 2010

UVic’s promises to date:
Note: the requirement for the sanctuaries to “be diligent…consistently manage the numbers they say they can” We must continue to support our sanctuaries on an ongoing and long-term basis so they can place ALL the animals being removed.

“As long as there are sanctuaries with room, we will move them out to the sanctuaries,” said UVic spokeswoman Patty Pitts.
“We will trap to meet capacity.” Patty Pitts Times Colonist Aug 25 2010

Letter to BC Supreme Court from the University of Victoria – referenced in the decision of Judge Cullen p.23 (47) Aug. 30 2010
“…UVic’s first choice is to fill all the sanctuary places on a reasonable schedule, taking into account the speed with which rabbits may be processed by veterinarians and transported under the applicable permits.”

from CFAX Adam Stirling interview with Tom Smith Aug 30 2010: (paraphrased)
Adam: What happens now?
Tom Smith “We start to trap rabbits, we have arranged for the permitted groups to receive two groups of rabbits 60 on Tuesday (Susan), 40 on Thursday (Laura Leah)
Adam: we saw a press release from UVic saying you want to trap 400-500 in August.
Tom: yes in Aug and Sept we want to remove 400-500 in student residences’ areas, we are talking with permitted groups, and there are 14 vet firms, we have put out a schedule to the groups, we have backed out of our original plan and original numbers, the court injunction blocked us from trapping for 5 weeks. We trapped 45-50 rabbits today, we backed off on numbers based on what vets can handle,
Adam: So what happens to any “surplus” rabbits?
Tom: We think there is enough space for them, there are other sanctuaries for 400-450 rabbits, but we want to be clear, the sanctuaries must be diligent in taking the number of rabbits they agree on, and we demand proof of spay neuter and as so as long as they consistently manage the numbers they say they can it is a remote possibility that we will put down rabbits. The sanctuaries have demonstrated that they can place and raise funds so it looks very positive right now,
Adam: Why was it so important for you to trap before the students arrive?
Tom: there is the damage of feces, it is disgusting, there is so much poop, we want to reduce poop, the students move about, and they disturb the rabbits,
right now it is easy, when the studs arrive back it will be more difficult to trap
Adam: are there concerns students would be bothered by seeing the trapping of rabbits?
Tom: no, we put posters in the residences that the rabbits are going to sanctuaries, it would’ve been better to do before, they will witness, it wil be ok,
Adam: re Long Term Rabbit Management Plan, since its release, originally there was a likelihood that a large number of rabbits would be killed, what has changed?
Tom: the people from the sanctuaries are taking positive actions to do permitting, we were planning to move rabbits, but the biggest difference is we never thought there was the capacity in the community to house those rabbits.
Adam: what is the time plan?
Tom: we will have removed 4-5 hundred in Sept, then catch the rest in Nov, we still need volunteers to manage the remaining population, but it seems that some people want all the rabbits removed, that is a thought we had not had in the past.

To continue monitoring UVic and ensuring they meet their undertaking to give all the rabbits to the permitted sanctuaries.
To continue supporting the sanctuaries in their ongoing capacity development and in the day to day costs of maintaining large numbers of rabbits long-term.

Legal Funds:

We have found a lawyer specializing in animal rights law and  who is willing to work on this case and ongoing litigation for the rabbits.  We need to get a retainer together to allow this person to devote a chunk of time and resources to what I have been told is a complex specialized area of law.  Donations can be made to TD Canada Trust bank to the Social Justice Advocacy Project.  The account number is 84145212107 the branch number is 05680 and if you are not in Canada you need the institution number which is 004.

Donations can be made at any bank or financial institution and transferred to this account.

Please share this message with others who may be interested  If you have pledged money, now is the time to send it.  The current balance in the account is $26.46


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  1. For more updated information, please join the Action for UVic Rabbits facebook. or if you are not on facebook send your email to and I will add you to the email update list. Roslyn

  2. BG Davies says:

    It is so easy to read between the lines on Smith’s comments to CFAX. There is nothing definite being said about “not killing” the rabbits. With the rabbit numbers down so drastically over the last few months, and only a handful trapped, it makes me wonder how many were culled despite the injunction. Perhaps some were “taken” but not hundreds.

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