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Letter from Stop UBC Animal Research


Since forming in February, Stop UBC Animal Research has grown dramatically with more than 200 members and become a powerful voice for the animals at UBC. In a very short time, we’ve had some outstanding accomplishments. For instance, Stop UBC Animal Research has:

*Launched our website (

*Appeared on the front page of the Vancouver Sun ( and in a subsequent Sun blog story (

*Inspired an editorial cartoon in the Vancouver Sun

*Appeared on a half-hour show on Vancouver’s biggest talk radio station, CKNW

*Issued an alert urging people to call on UBC to disclose information about its animal research. The alert has generated hundreds of calls and emails to UBC.

*Developed factsheets about UBC’s animal research

*Submitted six Freedom of Information requests to UBC asking for details about the university’s animal experiments

*Printed educational/outreach materials including posters, banners, business cards, and T-shirts

*Held social events to bring our group together

And much, much more.

Since our campaign is relatively new, there have been some significant start-up costs. Those include: website development; production of outreach/educational materials; advertising; photocopying; campaign cell phone; and other expenses. We’ve also hired an attorney to review our materials to ensure we are legally protected. In response to some of our records requests, UBC has informed us that there will be processing and copying charges for any records they agree to release. Those records, which will help us better analyze UBC’s animal research, may costs hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars to obtain.

You can help this critically important campaign today by:
*DONATING online to Stop UBC Animal Research. Just visit our website at and click on the donation button there.

*ATTENDING our Friday, August 20 fundraiser. Got to for details and to purchase tickets online.

*PURCHASING a Stop UBC Animal Research T-shirt. They are hot off the presses and will sure to be a fashion statement! Contact me if you want to purchase a T-shirt. Soon, I’ll be setting up a method for folks to buy a T-shirt online.

Thank you all for making this campaign a reality. Because of your commitment I am certain we will make a difference for the animals at UBC!



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