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Chicken OUT! The Vancouver Humane Society

We can’t help the chicken OUT without YOUR help!

Canada’s egg laying hens need you. You can help educate the public about how their eggs are produced. Encourage everyone around you to make more humane and ethical decisions about the eggs they buy at grocery stores and at restaurants. What YOU choose to buy can directly impact the lives of over 26 million hens in Canada.

Raising Awareness about Cruelty to Chickens
One way VHS raises awareness is through our display table at public events and venues throughout the year. We disseminate leaflets, shopping guides and more. All of this costs money in terms of time and resources. Volunteers help us staff the display table, but there are costs for the exhibition space, pamphlet production and printing, website maintenance and more.

Adopting More Ethical Production and Purchasing Policies
VHS staff write to and meet with industry and government officials to advocate changes to the egg supply management system. We help corporations and schools form more ethical purchasing policies. We conduct public opinion polls to show governments and corporations that their voters and consumers are opposed to battery cages, hoping this will influence their decision and policies.

Who Funds Chicken OUT?
Chicken OUT! is funded in part by the Vancouver Foundation, by Canadians for the Ethical Treatment of Farm Animals (CETFA) and by Humane Society International/Canada (a division of HSUS). But the majority of funds that VHS receives from individual donors is directed to helping companion animals. Farm animals matter too. If we can achieve changes for chickens, we can achieve them for pigs and calves and other farm animals too. So, if farm animals matter to YOU, please consider a donation today. Here’s how:

Donate to Chicken OUT! through the Vancouver Humane Society
You can donate to the Vancouver Humane Society in a number of ways:

  1. To donate cash, write a cheque, arrange a bequest or monthly giving amount, please contact the Vancouver Humane Society directly at 604 266 9744,
    or mail your donation to:
    303 – 8623 Granville Street
    Vancouver, B.C.
    V6P 5A2 Canada
  2. To donate online, using a major credit card, click here to donate through Canada Helps.

    Please remember to include your mailing address in order for us to provide you with a tax receipt.

A special thank you goes out to our 2010 funding partners:


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